Couple of photos

Haven’t done photos for a while, at least with wetplate.

Now I made couple, still life photos though, not for beard gallery, so please go and look from gallery. And also in Finnish site, I have scanned some film photos from Estonia.



Yesterday was vernissage at Artsi, Vantaa art museum.

I’m one of the artists who are participating to exhibition. Photo on left here is the one that are on exhibition. Artsi bought that to their collections.

I’m proud, that they bought one of my artwork to their collection. As James Brown sang on his song, I feel good 🙂

Artworks name is Ghostwriter #2, why #2 you may ask. Just because #1 is already at US and will participate to other exhibition. This one is relative of first one.

All in all. They said on one TV series, hey, be carefully out there. I would like to say, be rascal 🙂

Grand opening

So, I decided to divide finish and english blogs to two different address.

This is my first blog post to english blog, and from now on, I only write here in english. My first blog writing is about exhibition and last week happenings.

First of all, Opening of the exhibition is Thursday 16.03.2017 06:00-09:00 PM. I have honour to have one work on a exhibition, so you are welcome to participate to exhibition.

Last week I had two times two different groups exploring wet plate photography.  Photo here is from the latter group, I had opportunity to have one more model to my ongoing project, called beard gallery. So if you know someone who has personal beard, bigger better, you know, give my contacts.

Today I’m using only flashlights, not continuous, taking this photo I used 6000Ws flash on one side and so called kapa board on other equalise the light on other side. Quite good I would say.
Used size was 10×12″ black aluminium, so called tintype.